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16 Nov

5 Things You Must Know About intrauterine contraceptive device

  Intrauterine contraceptive device is the most effective method of birth control which acts for a really long time. It is a tiny device which is inserted in uterus to prevent pregnancy. Here I present to you 5 things you must know about IUD : Two types of Intrauterine Contraceptive Device: there are two types

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14 Sep

Reasons Why Copper T is Best

Copper T is one of the most popular and common contraceptive used in India and it is considered to be better than other contraceptives like condoms, emergency pills and birth control pills etc.-etc. They are intrauterine devices or IUDs that are very safe, low-priced and effective, they can be used to provide protection for a

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11 Aug

5 Things You Must Know About Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception (EC) is a common method used for reducing the chances of pregnancy after performing unprotected intercourse. The major types of contraception are birth control pills and copper-T IUD (Intrauterine Device). Despite of their proven effectiveness, there are several questions that might be revolving in your mind, such as how do they exactly work,

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13 Jul

Know Few Important Things before You Choose to buy copper t 380a

If you are looking for the long term method of birth control which is not permanent, then copper IUD method in India might be the option that works for you. This method is also known as copper t 380a. It is an intrauterine method of contraception made of flexible plastic wrapped in copper that is shaped

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11 Jul

Facts Why Copper IUD’S Are Better Than the Common One’s

Are you thinking about opting for IUD or intrauterine device as an effective way for birth control? Well, then know that among the various IUDs available in the market, it’s the copper T intrauterine device that is considered an ideal choice by many. Gone are the days when using such contraceptives used to be associated

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15 Jun

Women Wonder How To Get Pregnant After Having a Tubal

The ligation of the Fallopian tubes is one of the definitive family planning methods, most commonly used. There are several techniques to do this: cutting the tubes, attaching them with plastic rings or suture material and sealing them with energy. All of them seek to generate a blockage of the fallopian tubes, which prevents the

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18 Apr

Copper iud – A Popular Choice For Birth Control

Are you too busy with your career or your kid is too small to think of bringing in another one in the world? Are you looking for an effective family planning tool? If answers to these questions are yes, then copper t 380a is your best resort. Why? Let us checkout.

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16 Mar

What are the Types of IUDs?

To get started is to sort out what constitutes IUDs. Already from the name it is clear that they are introduced into the uterine cavity. Introduction is performed exclusively gynecologist, as the uterus, unlike the vagina, is an aseptic environment, and in the case of aseptic neglect laws that can make a serious infectious disease.

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14 Jan

Want To Avoid Pregnancy? Use Copper T Intrauterine Device

Contraceptive Methods Unwanted pregnancy can be aborted by numerous ways; first can be the abstinence from sexual intercourse and then using contraceptives pills. Barrier method of birth control is also one of the most common and safest methods and provides protection against the STD’s. Birth control pills are also another common method to avoid unwanted

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