5 Things You Must Know About Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception (EC) is a common method used for reducing the chances of pregnancy after performing unprotected intercourse. The major types of contraception are birth control pills and copper-T IUD (Intrauterine Device). Despite of their proven effectiveness, there are several questions that might be revolving in your mind, such as how do they exactly work, which one to choose or are there any side-effects associated with their usage?

Well, bring your miseries to an end, as here are the 5 important things that you need to know about EC before using them.

1. EC can be purchased without prescription

Some people believe that you need a prescription for buying EC from the chemist, however that is only a misconception. Like any OTC products, you can get the contraceptives easily without the recommendation of a physician. However, if you had a medical history of hormonal complications then it is best to discuss with a doctor first and then opt for the suitable form of contraception.

2. EC Oral Pills Are Not Suitable For Overweight Women

Studies indicate that women who are heavier than 165 pounds do not respond to oral contraceptives and thus are advised to make use of copper-T IUD. Just as the name suggests, it is a T-shaped device fixed into the uterus in order to prevent fertilization. On an average, it can last for almost 12 years and the best part is that your ability to be pregnant returns in a short span of time after the device is removed.

In order to make the most of this device, you must ensure that you purchase them from certified copper-T manufacturers India.

3. EC Can Lead to Changes in Your Menstrual Cycle

Use of EC can lead to two possible effects in your menstrual cycle and these are:

  • Irregular patterns: The hormones that are released by EC might make your periods come late or early and this is normal. However, if the time moves beyond a week then you should perform a pregnancy test.

  • Spotting: After usage of EC you will experience spotting. The next period can be heavier or lighter than before and it is apparently a sign that the conceptive has done its job.

4. Copper-T Can Give Mild Cramps After Installation

Unlike the oral pills, copper-T EC must be installed by a professional doctor, because there are certain techniques and practices essential for installing them into the uterus. The entire procedure is simple but you may feel cramps or uneasiness only for a few minutes.

5. Majority of the Side-Effects Caused by EC Are Mild

Most of the women do not suffer from any noticeable side-effects after using EC. Still, if you come across any complications they are mostly mild and do not lead to any severe health issues. When the problem persists and becomes painful then you must consider consulting a physician.