Pregna Copper T Intrauterine Device & Copper T 380a

  • Pregna Copper T 380A
  • Copper T 380A
Pregna Copper T 380A / Copper t Intrauterine device is a safe and trusted birth control device to ease unwanted pregnancy worries of the user for a period of up to 10 years.

There are lot of copper t advantages. As it is a very reliable, safe and easy method of contraception including for long term.

The Pregna Copper T 380 A is amongst the most effective methods & have lot of copper t advantages with less than one percent failure rate.

Pregna offers complete restoration of fertility upon removal which too is very easy. It is ideal for women who want to space their children or are looking for long-term contraception.

Ideal for women who want to space the birth of their children or are looking for long-term contraception, Pregna Copper T380A / Copper t Intrauterine device high efficacy of more than 99 %. As copper t has a lot of advantages which will ensure worry-free intimacy for couples.

Reversible Contraception - No influence on pregnancy after device is removed.
Special modification in T-frame to increase its strength.
It is packed in Film-Film pouch. Film-Film pouch is better in protecting Copper parts of Copper T 380A and is far superior in moisture resistance than Tyvek Film Pouch. It also makes the whole packaging look neater and more professional.
Solid rod of Pregna’s Copper T 380A has a special fin design, which holds the solid rod in place even while the service provider is holding the loaded insertion tube vertically.
Nylon suture is softer and hence is more comfortable for the couple.
Printed insertion tube adds convenience and accuracy for the provider.
Pregna Copper T 380A offers long term protection of up to 10 years.
Being a non-barrier method, offers complete intimacy for both the partners.
Fertility is restored on removal and absolutely safe for lactating mothers.
Provides complete freedom from consistent follow up & motivation.
High efficacy of more than 99%.
Insertion & removal of Pregna Copper T 380A is simple and safe.

Technical Specifications (PDF)