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19 Aug

Ultimate Guide for Long Term Protection from Pregnancy

There are several ways to stop pregnancy. There are also several contraceptive devices in India that you can select as a long term option to avoid pregnancy. Let us see what they are: Barrier Method This method physically blocks the movement of sperms. Thus, sperms don’t reach the egg. As a result, the barrier method

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22 Jul

Guidelines to Practice IUD Insertion & Removal Techniques

Guidelines to Practice IUD Insertion & Removal Techniques IUD Insertion & Removal is the most easiest and highly acceptable way, practiced by women to choose for pregnancy protection. The procedure is not complex and is quite easy, done in a clinical setting, effectively by trained professionals. There are different IUDs like the levonorgestrel IUD, copper t intrauterine device, tubal rings

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29 Jun

10 Facts To Know About Copper IUD

Several contraceptives are available in the market today, which can easily prevent pregnancy. The most commonly used form of contraception is oral contraception. These come in the form of pills. They are easily available and are easy to ingest. However, studies have shown that prolonged use of contraceptive pills may result in severe long term

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27 May

How is an IUD Inserted & How Long Do Intrauterine Devices In India Work?

Intrauterine device manufacturers make one of the only medical products which can practically solve our planet’s severe population problem. IUDs are universally considered the safest, the most reliable, and mostly non-intrusive temporary contraception method. The commonly used intrauterine devices in India are Copper T IUDs. However, top companies from India like Pregna International Ltd. also

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22 Apr

Things to Know Before Getting Copper t Intrauterine Device

For many women, the copper T IUD is an unknown contraceptive method that hides false myths, problems, and discomforts. However, it is one of the most reliable that exist right now and the option of many women who, for example, cannot or want to take contraceptives with hormones, Therefore, we review everything you need to

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18 Mar

10 Questions to Ask About Intrauterine Device

There are many methods available in the market to keep away you from getting pregnant. These include contraceptive pills, condoms, IUD treatments and much more. Before one considers any contraceptive methods, it is advisable to act after proper consultation of Doctor. One of the most effective ways of keeping pregnancy away is getting an IUD.

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11 Feb

An Ultimate Guide To Hormonal Contraceptive System

In today’s day and age, there are countless hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptive devices in India that work using different methods. Barrier and hormonal contraceptives are the most popular in the Indian market and there is a number of options you can choose from. Intrauterine devices which are comparatively an underdog in the contraceptive market is

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07 Jan

Know Various Types of Contraceptive Devices

With the growing population, there has been an increase in awareness about family planning and contraception. Contraception is a scientific and deliberate method of preventing pregnancy because of sexual intercourse. There are many methods of contraception, which a person may select according to health and other preferences. Birth control or contraception has gained priority with

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16 Nov

5 Things You Must Know About intrauterine contraceptive device

  Intrauterine contraceptive device is the most effective method of birth control which acts for a really long time. It is a tiny device which is inserted in uterus to prevent pregnancy. Here I present to you 5 things you must know about IUD : Two types of Intrauterine Contraceptive Device: there are two types

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14 Sep

Reasons Why Copper T is Best

Copper T is one of the most popular and common contraceptive used in India and it is considered to be better than other contraceptives like condoms, emergency pills and birth control pills etc.-etc. They are intrauterine devices or IUDs that are very safe, low-priced and effective, they can be used to provide protection for a

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