Guidelines to Practice IUD Insertion & Removal Techniques

Guidelines to Practice IUD Insertion & Removal Techniques IUD Insertion & Removal is the most easiest and highly acceptable way, practiced by women to choose for pregnancy protection. The procedure is not complex and is quite easy, done in a clinical setting, effectively by trained professionals. There are different IUDs like the levonorgestrel IUD, copper t intrauterine device, tubal rings which are inserted safely and provide longer-term protection safely and effectively. There are few things that should be kept in mind before an IUD insertion. The IUD’s are not suitable for the people who have the following:

1. Any kind of cancer like breast, cervical or any other cancer which is
2. If the women is pregnant or have any symptoms of pregnancy.
3. Any kind of allergic reactions to Copper or Plastic.
4. Any inflammatory disease related to the pelvic.
5. Sepsis in the last few months after delivery.
6. Hepatic diseases or tumours or suspected hepatic disease.
7. Any abortion in the last duration that had any infection.

IUD removal: IUD is removed if there are any complications or side effects pertaining to the same. The side effects include any irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, etc. The IUD’s are also removed in case the women seek to get pregnant. The removal of IUD is done only in the above circumstances and also if the user have anaemia resulting due to heavy bleeding from IUD.

The insertion: The IUD only takes few minutes for insertion and is not a long and complex procedure. While inserting the IUD the doctor will make the patients lie in stirrups or the footrest position. In order to do a complete examination, the pelvis is checked thoroughly by the doctor by inserting fingers. In order to start the procedure, a complete view of the vagina is required so a speculum is inserted for the same. The insertion of the IUD is done with the specialized instruments in the uterus carefully. The strings are hence removed and the speculum is taken out as well. The patients may feel little cramping at times and even more during their menstrual cycles.
The IUD’s are safer options and are excellent for people who do not want pregnancy for longer periods of time. At times people may experience some complications and hence are advised to consult the doctor in following symptoms:
if they have a mild fever or maybe rising, have cramping or experience any body chills, have heavy and uncontrollable menstrual bleeding or abdominal pain. Pregna is the leader in manufacturing all the kinds of contraceptive devices like levonorgestrel IUD, copper t intrauterine device, tubal rings and more. They are highly recommended for any required procedures without the hassles of any complications.