Reasons Why Copper T is Best

Copper T is one of the most popular and common contraceptive used in India and it is considered to be better than other contraceptives like condoms, emergency pills and birth control pills etc.-etc. They are intrauterine devices or IUDs that are very safe, low-priced and effective, they can be used to provide protection for a period of up to five years.

Copper T is a tiny device in the shape of a ‘T’ which is made of plastic and draped in copper. It can fit in the palm of your hand.  The shape of ‘T’ helps them to rest comfortably in the opening of womb with threads hanging down. They are the best way to avoid pregnancy by stopping sperm to enter inside. Copper T prevents fertilization in two ways, the copper in the IUD kills the sperm mobility by acting as a spermicide, and it also hinders the ability of the egg to implant into the womb.

Copper T has many more advantages and is preferable than other contraceptives

It is a preferable option for women who had a previous delivery.  As it is an invasive procedure, the Copper T should be inserted with the help of an expert. The tip of the T is folded and then inserted into the patient’s vagina. Its shape allows it to rest for years together at one place giving a better prevention than hormonal IUDs. Copper ion acts as a toxin to the sperms, it gets mixed with the uterine fluids and cervix mucus. The uterine fluid, rich in copper, acts as a spermicide which kills sperms that come in contact with it. It prevents the sperm from fertilizing an ovum after intercourse.

How effective is a Copper T?
Copper T is a very effective device which can provide protection for almost a decade. This long lasting characteristic of Copper T makes this IUD very inexpensive and stable contraceptive.   It can prove 98-100% protection from unwanted pregnancy. It doesn’t affect your fertility and once you remove it, you can get ready to conceive again smoothly.

There are various manufacturers of Copper T in India but one should purchase from authentic suppliers to ensure good quality and effectiveness of the device.