10 Questions to Ask About Intrauterine Device

There are many methods available in the market to keep away you from getting pregnant. These include contraceptive pills, condoms, IUD treatments and much more. Before one considers any contraceptive methods, it is advisable to act after proper consultation of Doctor. One of the most effective ways of keeping pregnancy away is getting an IUD. But there are many questions that pop out in someone’s mind when thinking of getting an IUD. So, here are 10 such questions and their solutions that one must know before getting IUD:

  1. What is an IUD (Intrauterine device)?

It is a T shaped device made up of plastic or copper that goes into the uterus. It has a string attached so it can be removed later whenever required by doctors.

  1. How old one needs to get an IUD?

There is no minimum age limit required to go through the procedure. You just need to visit the gynecologist to get the IUD.

  1. How much does it cost?

It depends on the hospital. But it might be free if you have insurance.

  1. What should I need to do before getting IUD?

There are certain tests such as STD test and Pap smear that needs to be done before getting an IUD. It is useful to get it done on the day of periods as it is easy to insert IUD during that time.

  1. Are there any kinds of IUD?

There are two kinds of IUDs. A hormonal IUD ( Ing IUD ) that lasts up to five years releases lesser amounts of hormones in order to keep you away from getting pregnant. It also makes the periods lighter.

A non-hormonal IUD lasts up to 10 years and doesn’t release hormones. It can make your periods heavier

  1. How much effective is it at keeping away pregnancy?

It is really effective. Ninety-nine percent of ladies don’t get pregnant after using this.

  1. Should I still need to use condoms?

Yes, although they are an effective way of keeping away pregnancy, they won’t protect you from getting infected due to sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. What is the minimum time duration one should wait before having sex after installing intrauterine device India?

You need to wait at least 24 hours.

  1. Is it possible to remove it?

Yes, it is better to consult your gynecologist if you want to remove it. Removal of hormonal contraceptive device India can be done as and when required. While a woman is on her periods, it makes it easier to pull the IUD out.

  1. Does it affect the ability to get pregnant later in life?

No, it doesn’t affect your ability to get pregnant at all.

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