Things to Know Before Getting Copper t Intrauterine Device

For many women, the copper T IUD is an unknown contraceptive method that hides false myths, problems, and discomforts. However, it is one of the most reliable that exist right now and the option of many women who, for example, cannot or want to take contraceptives with hormones, Therefore, we review everything you need to know about copper t intrauterine device before making a decision.

1. It is one of the most reliable methods there

The IUD is one of the most reliable methods available at this time, in addition to not having to be aware of taking it to avoid pregnancy (as is the chaos of the pill).

2. Be careful! It does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases

The copper t 380a is recommended when you have a stable partner that you know and trust since it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases, as the condom does.

3. Economically it is profitable

You could do the calculation of what you can spend on condoms a year or pills. Depending on the type of IUD, the price may vary, and this must be added to the insertion. However, if we take into account that it lasts several years, in the long term it is much cheaper than those mentioned above.

4. For all types of women

Before it was believed (and recommended) that women without children not implant the IUD, it was better if you had been a mother. However, to this day there is no compelling reason to affirm this, and it is a method that is recommended in women and young people.

5. Implantation is usually uncomfortable

It does not usually last long, although it depends on the patient’s ability to withstand implantation. Some say it hurts and others that bothers, but the truth is that both at the time of insertion and in the first days after you may feel cramps and may even have bleeding. The symptoms will subside when your body gets used to it.

6. Does not affect fertility

You must be very clear that from the moment you withdraw the copper IUD, the risk of pregnancy returns since it does not interfere with your fertility.

7. Do you notice?

No, or at least not in most cases. In some, your partner may feel annoyed and have to ask your doctor to correct the problems. With regard to you and your body, during the first 3 months, the IUD is at risk of moving or leaving and, therefore, stop doing its contraceptive function. Therefore, self-examination is important (as the doctor will tell you). Once cleared then, you can visit Pregna to select contraceptives device of your choice in India.