Know Few Important Things before You Choose to buy copper t 380a

If you are looking for the long term method of birth control which is not permanent, then copper IUD method in India might be the option that works for you. This method is also known as copper t 380a.

It is an intrauterine method of contraception made of flexible plastic wrapped in copper that is shaped like a T. It contains no hormones and fits comfortably in a woman’s uterus. Looking for Copper T 380a? Then Pregna Copper T 380A is a safe and trusted birth control device to ease unwanted pregnancy worries of the user for a period of up to 10 years. 

How effectively copper t 380a works?

When taking a gander at the Copper T 380a it might be difficult to see how the inclusion of something T molded into the uterus is believable. At the point when the Copper T 380a is embedded, it is really folded down like somewhat umbrella. Once it is set up, the doctor opens it into the T and it sits in the uterus.

It is a basic technique for contraception for women who have a way of life that does not suit taking a pill consistently, getting a shot at regular intervals, does not have any desire to consider anti-conception medication consistently, can’t or does not have any desire to utilize a hormonal strategy for anti-conception medication and is searching for something long term however not everlasting.

Once it is inserted, you have to simply check the string once per month and that all you have to do it.

Important points you must know about copper t intrauterine device – copper t 380a

  • The Copper T 380a has a feasibility rate that is equivalent to a tubal ligation yet it is 100% reversible in the event that pregnancy is wanted at a later date. When it is removed, fertility, as a rule, comes back with the following menstrual cycle. It prevents pregnancy by impairing the versatility of the male sperm and by not enabling an egg to embed in the uterus.
  • It is usually preferred for those individuals who are in a monogamous relationship. If an individual has more than one sexual partner, then it is important to use a condom along with copper IUD.
  • Also, women should check her past health history if she has uterine cancer, any kind of uterine infections or any pelvic inflammatory disease? If yes, then, in that case, a candidate is not right for copper T 380a.
  • Insertion of copper t 380a is easier if it is done during menstruation cycle and a woman may have heavier periods for the first couple of months after insertion.

So, if you are worried about your unplanned pregnancy and want to space the birth of their children or are looking for long term contraception, then, in that case, Pregna – reliable copper t manufacturers in India has high efficiency of more than 99% and that will ensure worry free intimacy for couples.