Facts Why Copper IUD’S Are Better Than the Common One’s

Are you thinking about opting for IUD or intrauterine device as an effective way for birth control? Well, then know that among the various IUDs available in the market, it’s the copper T intrauterine device that is considered an ideal choice by many. Gone are the days when using such contraceptives used to be associated with inviting different health hazards. Now, an IUD with copper stands for easy prevention of the sperm from getting in connection with the female egg, letting the women live worry-free about unwanted pregnancy. If you’re wondering why I’m so much for the copper IUDs than the other common ones, then continue to read on this blog.

No Hormonal Side Effects to Worry About

Unlike the hormonal IUDs, the copper IUDs come with no hormonal side effects on the body. Therefore, naturally, it becomes a more suitable choice for women who wish to prevent pregnancy in an effective way, without having to suffer any hormonal reactions at all. It is also the only one birth control option that comes hormone-free where a woman neither has to undergo any hormonal changes or it’s side effects in her body nor put a stop to her sexual activity for utilizing this barrier method like others.

Serves as Long Term Amazing Investment

Are you aware that the IUD that comes with its ‘T’ wrapped around with a copper filament can last up to 10 years or more? Okay, you can stop being surprised now! Yes, you can get rid of your daily worries about taking pills or using a protection or replacing your IUD after some time, as a copper IUD can be the longest investment for birth control. So in case, you’re one of those women, who are in no hurry to conceive anytime soon, the copper IUDs are sure to suit you best.

Functions as an Emergency Contraception

Along with preventing the sperms regularly from getting in touch with the eggs, the copper IUDs, unlike the hormonal IUDS, can function as an emergency contraception as well. In case you have unprotected sex, then by inserting the copper IUD within 5 to 7 days after that, you can actually prevent conceiving. Yes, if inserted within 120 hours of unprotected sex, this copper IUD can be more effective than any contraceptive pills available.

One of The Cheapest Contraceptives Available

Last but not the least, the fact that makes the copper IUDs better than the common ones is the that it comes for a very affordable price. Paying a single one-time amount for the medical procedure of copper IUD insertion can save you from spending hundreds of dollars daily or yearly on other contraception options. Starting to work right after its insertion, it starts to work immediately and effectively, leaving you less worried about conceiving during unprotected sex for a decade almost.

A parenthood that comes well-planned is definitely good for you and your baby. And it is the copper IUDs that perform excellently in helping a woman to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in the easiest and affordable way, of course without minimal to no side effects.