Copper iud – A Popular Choice For Birth Control

Are you too busy with your career or your kid is too small to think of bringing in another one in the world? Are you looking for an effective family planning tool? If answers to these questions are yes, then copper t 380a is your best resort. Why? Let us checkout.


Long Term Solution

Copper iud India is so popular among women because it is a long-term solution. You can prevent pregnancy for upto 10 years using this powerful birth control tool. This T-shaped plastic frame has a copper wire through which copper is continuously released to bathe the lining of the uterus. It is prescribed that you visit the doctor 4 to 6 weeks after the insertion of the copper t 380a. This factor also makes it a cost effective solution as one need not visit the doctor frequently and replacement is also not required on a frequent basis.


Safe & Easy

Another important factor that is kept in mind by copper t manufacturers India is the safety of the women. These birth control tools are best for women who already had a vaginal childbirth. This is also recommended for emergency contraception in case anyone had unprotected sex within 3-4 days. Last but not the least; it can be easily removed when one is desiring for another child and there is no adverse effect on pregnancy. After child birth, it can be re-inserted in the similar manner.


Copper t manufacturers India ensure that the device is comfortable for long use as it is inserted inside your body. The specific features of copper t intrauterine device which makes it easy to live with are

  • Non-barrier, offering no hindrance in intimacy.
  • Nylon suture, which keeps the couple at ease.
  • Printed insertion tube enhances accuracy.
  • Special fin to keep the rod in place.
  • Neat with a Tyvek film pouch.

Copper t 380a has become one of the most trusted birth control methods in recent days. More and more women are resorting to this method as it is safe and cost effective at the same time.