Want To Avoid Pregnancy? Use Copper T Intrauterine Device

Contraceptive Methods

Unwanted pregnancy can be aborted by numerous ways; first can be the abstinence from sexual intercourse and then using contraceptives pills. Barrier method of birth control is also one of the most common and safest methods and provides protection against the STD’s. Birth control pills are also another common method to avoid unwanted pregnancy. The medicines have to be taken diligently every day and one omission can lead to undesired pregnancy. Emergency contraceptive pills can also be used if there is an unfortunate accident with the previous contraceptive method.

Copper-T Intrauterine Device

Intrauterine Contraceptives are among the best and most used reversible form of contraception. A small T-shaped device known as Copper- T Intrauterine device is implanted in the uterus and can protect the lady from unwanted pregnancy for almost five years. Copper-T Intrauterine device is widely famous among the couples who wish to delay the pregnancy. Copper-T 380A is one such device which has the highest rate of satisfaction from the public. There are various Copper-T intrauterine device manufacturers in India like the three levonorgestrel intrauterine system. Copper – T Intrauterine Device in India is one of the prevalent methods to abort the pregnancy in the sexually active couple.

Durable Contraception

They are the long-lasting method for protection and can prevent pregnancy for as long as 10 years. They can be removed anytime in between if the couple decides to have a baby. Copper-T 380A has the least failure rate and has a surface area of 320 square mm.

Emergency Contraception

They can also be used for emergency contraception and are much more effective than the hormonal emergency contraceptive pills. They can be used for up to 5 days after the unprotected sex and still be quite efficient than any other form of pills used for emergency contraception. They can be used for another 10-12 years after the insertion and does not affect the body in any way.

Reversible Contraception

They are the safest, reversible and long-lasting method of pregnancy and you don’t have to worry about the pills and the other methods of contraception. They need to be placed with a help of medical practitioner and can be removed anytime you want them to, and the patient will be fertile again. Doctor’s advice is compulsory before choosing any method of contraception.


Copper-T intrauterine device is the best method does have certain side-effects like expulsion, infection, cramping, irregular bleeding, and perforations. Though the chances of any of the complication are very frequent like around 2-10%. There can also lead to quite heavy periods. But despite all the minor discomforts, the benefits are quite impactful.