Copper T Intrauterine Device a Great Option to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

On a wonderful night when a couple is together it is difficult to control their emotions and lot more chances are likely there for women to become pregnant. Many of the men, does not prefer to go for condoms as they say it is not comfortable and convenient for them to the relationship. In that case, only women have to face the risk of getting pregnant. Couples who are expecting for the second baby will not prefer to go for permanent birth control measures, hence Copper IUD India manufacturer supply different types of devices.

Furthermore, women during their intercourse cannot enjoy the moment to the fullest. For those who are concerned to avoid pregnancy temporarily, Copper t 380a intrauterine device is a great option to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Many manufacturers around the world and in India are involved in manufacturing this intrauterine device.

The Copper T 380a is a simple intra-uterine device (IUD) made of a flexible, “T” shaped piece of plastic wrapped with a thin copper containing wire. This particular shape is selected for the reason as the “T” perfectly fits in the space around the uterus, letting for the Copper T to be seated there for years without moving around.

The ends of the “T” are folded and inserted into the patient with a straw-like tube with the help of a qualified medical practitioner. Once it is placed the spermicidal effects of the Copper T are in effect, and then it acts as a birth control device.

Working nature

Copper IUD must be inserted with the help of the doctor. It can be inserted at any phase of menstrual cycle and the apt time is right after the menstrual period. After insertion, the Copper ions prevent pregnancy by preventing the movement of sperm because the copper-ion-containing fluids are directly lethal to sperm. Even if an aggressive little spermatozoon fertilizes an egg, the copper ion has laden environment stop establishment of the fertilized egg, and thus stops pregnancy. This is a remarkably low-cost method, for those who hate to take a pill or putting on a condom.

What it needs is a regular monthly check up to see whether if it fixed properly. Again when the couple decides to go for pregnancy this can be removed allowing the women for pregnancy.

There are different types of Copper T intrauterine devices over the world. The nature of frame and quantity of copper can affect the effectiveness of different copper IUD models. The failure proportions for different models differ between 0.1 and 2.2% after a year of use. The T-shaped models with a surface area of 380 mm² of copper have the lowermost miscarriage rates.

Copper T manufacturers India supply different types of Copper t are manufactured, among those copper t TCU 380A is considered to be the first preference of choice for copper IUDs because this model has the lowest miscarriage rates and the longest life spans. Those who want to enjoy their time and prevent themselves from the problem of pregnancy this is a brilliant choice.