Best Contraceptive – To Avoid Unexpected Pregnancies

Many sexually active women become pregnant within a year if they are not using contraceptives or other things that prevent unwanted pregnancies. A woman can get pregnant even while she is nursing her newly born child. Just after 10 days of giving birth to her child or during her menstruating phase she can get pregnant. Some women think that if the penis is withdrawn prior to ejaculation can reduce the chances of pregnancy or the sexually transmitted diseases, but this is untrue. In this article we will discuss several methods of reducing chances of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. There are two major ways of avoiding unwanted pregnancy. One is the total abstinence and the other is by using contraceptives. After male latex condom, contraception method is the best way to avoid pregnancy. Let us find the best contraceptive by knowing their uses.

Oral contraceptive

They give protection against pregnancy by mixed hormone (estrogen and progestin) actions. Ovulation will be prevented by the hormones. The pills need to be consumed every day and they stop working if the lady vomits or suffers diarrhea. The side effects of the pill can be headache, weight gain, breast tenderness, nausea, irregular bleeding etc.


This hormonal contraceptive is injected in the arm muscle or the buttocks. The injection should be repeated after every three months to maintain its effects. With this the menstruation might become irregular or totally absent.


IUD or intrauterine device is a T-shaped device that is generally inserted in the uterus of a woman. It can remain in place for more than 5 years and sometimes even 10 years. These have the lowest rates of failure in the method of contraception. Sometimes the copper t intrauterine device gets expelled, so regular checking has to be done after monthly periods if the device is still in place or not. Side effects can be abnormal bleeding and cramp that generally occurs immediately after inserting it.

Emergency contraception

These are contraceptive pills that must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Female sterilization it is a surgical procedure where the tubes are ligated so that the egg cells are prevented from encountering the sperm cells. This prevents the chances of any further pregnancy. This contraception for is generally permanent.


This is a rubber disk that has a flexible rim covering the cervix. It must be used with spermicide. To buy this one must get it prescribed from a doctor. It gives protection for six hours and should not be used longer than 24 hours.


These are made of rubber rods that are small in size. These are implanted under the skin of the upper arm of the woman. This leaves the steroid levonorgestrel that helps in contraception. It gives protection from 3 to 5 years. With these side effects like menstrual cycle changes, breast tenderness, and weight gain are observed.

If you ask us which contraceptive is the best, we would say it is undoubtedly the copper t intrauterine device as it gives long term protection from pregnancies. This is also best because it has lesser side effects on the health of the user.