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  • Inara Cu 375
Inara IUD Cu 375 is one of the intrauterine devices that are the most widely utilized reversible contraceptives in the world. These present days IUD's are safe, profoundly powerful for contraception. A standout amongst the most generally utilized copper bearing IUD is the Inara Cu 375. The Cu 375 is ideal for ladies who need to space their youngsters for effective family planning, as it is compelling for a time of 5 years.
Inara comes ready for insertion in insertion tube, therefore less number of steps while insertion than other IUDs
Nylon Suture is softer and hence is more comfortable for the couple
Superior Film Film pouch keeps the copper parts bright
Geometric design of Inara’s frame ensures lower expulsion rate
Geometrical structure and insertion method lowers the probability of accidental perforation of fundus
Printed insertion tube adds convenience and accuracy for providers
Inara Cu 375 offers long term protection upto 5 years