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Cu 250 Sleek

  • Cu 250 Sleek
  • Cu 250 Sleek
Cu 250 Sleek is one of the most effective type of intrauterine device used. Reversible contraceptive in nature, the device offers a protection term of up to 3 years.
A key feature of the Pregna’s IUD models is the ease of insertion & minimum training needs for the service provider.
Soft Nylon Suture provides more comfort for the couple. Family planning gets a lot easier with Cu 250 Sleek.
Cu 205 Sleek comes with shorter size frame which is beneficial for women with smaller uterus and nulliparous women.

It comes ready for insertion in insertion tube, therefore less number of steps while insertion than other IUDs
Nylon Suture is softer and hence is more comfortable for the couple
Superior Film Film (transparent) pouch keeps the copper wire bright
Geometric design of It’s frame ensures lower expulsion rate
Geometrical structure and insertion method lowers the probability of accidental perforation of fundus
Printed insertion tube adds convenience and accuracy for providers
Cu 250 Sleek offers pregnancy protection upto 3 years same as Inara Cu 250(5 years for Cu 375 and Cu 375 Sleek)
Cu 250 Sleek’s Small size frame provides more comfort for user