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Hormonal Contraceptive Manufacturers in India

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Pregna - Intrauterine Device Manufacturer In India

Do you wish to remain safe from an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy? You can reach out to Pregna –one of the leading intrauterine device manufacturers in India, delivering a wide range of contraceptive devices to empower women to lead a stress-free life. 
The IUD (Intrauterine Device) is an essential contraceptive device that provides a long-term family planning solution for women who do not wish to receive the permanent termination of pregnancy. Women who consider choosing other preventive methods like contraceptive pills, vaginal rings, or the patch are 20 times more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy in comparison to those who opt for long-term methods like IUDs. For providing the ease of accessing IUD easily and conveniently, Pregna brings forth an innovative range of hormonal contraceptive device in India for delivering the best results. 

Contraceptive Devices For Womens – Pregna

Pregna is a worldwide name when it comes to manufacturing as well as delivering high-quality IUDs to women who wish to remain safe from unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Offering a wide range of intrauterine devices, Pregna serves to be a one-stop solution for women who wish to remain stress-free every now & then about getting pregnant. Right from the copper IUDs , hormonal IUDs or,  Tubal rings  you will come across a huge collection of high-grade intrauterine devices at Pregna for ensuring long-term family planning. 
The IUD can also be utilized as an emergency contraception method. It can be used for reducing the chances of unintended pregnancy after having unprotected intercourse, misuse (torn condoms or forgotten pills), contraceptive failures, or sexual assaults. The IUD can be implanted in the uterus five days after unprotected intercourse and can be used for around 3-5 years at a stretch without any hassle.  Ensure ultimate freedom as a woman by reaching out to Pregna now!