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Uterus Models: Click on any image to view the PDF file.

This hand held model is a counseling tool for the provider to show to the client or the user how the Copper T looks when placed in the uterus and also how it will be placed. This prepares the user for the insertion and she can ask questions before the procedure. It facilitates the doctor or the provider in answering queries from the users effectively.

Poster Series - Click on any image to view the PDF file

There are four bright series of posters each depicting the different advantages of using an IUD, however in catch phrases.

This can develop a curiosity for the person reading it and they would then ask questions to the doctor regarding the product.

These posters are also placed in the areas where there are many people coming in to the clinics.

IUD Posters - Click on any image to view the PDF file.

The posters are made to provide information on the advantages of Copper T 380 A as a better contraceptive choice.

The posters are placed in a clinic in strategic locations such as the waiting room so that the person coming in for family planning can have one more choice of contraceptive. This can also be used for initial information before meeting the doctor / provider.

Pregna exports to 140 countries and has posters in regional languages too.

Flip Chart - Click on any image to view the PDF file.

Pregna's Flip Chart is packed with relevant information.

This six page Flip Chart has Information on the:

  1. Female Reproductive System
  2. Placing of the IUD in the uterus
  3. An explanation of how the Copper T 380 A works
  4. When IUD's should be inserted and
  5. Post-insertion care
Write ups / Presentations - Click on any image to view the PDF file.

Pregna believes that IUD is the best option for long term contraception. Since there have been a lot of misconceptions regarding the IUD, Pregna feels that this can only be dissolved by propagating the advantages of IUD vis-a-vis other methods. This is done through write-ups and presentations on the Copper T as the best contraceptive method.

Comparing Ideals - Click on any image to view the PDF file.

Contraception (birth control) is a topic that is often not properly addressed because the subject is fraught with emotional, psychological, and religious overtones.

In the minds of some people the line between contraception and abortion is somewhat vague . For many others a definite distinction exists and the issue is an ethical one. The topic of Contraception, birth control to be exact is one such topic where the line of division is deep and compromise is not a possibility.

This paper looks into the misconceptions and getting the right of choice across. The contraceptive device focused on is the IUD.