Before an IUD is inserted, the service provider needs to measure the depth of the uterus of the lady. This is done with the help of a Uterine Sound. Uterine Sounds are available in re-usable stainless steel material or disposable sterile plastic material.

Esa is a single use, sterile disposable Uterine sound which provides the service provider/doctor the convenience of measuring the depth of uterus accurately without compromising the safety of the lady client.
Uterine Sound is required by all doctors to measure the uterine depth before the insertion of IUD. Esa is a specially designed disposable uterine sound.
Esa has a special rounded top to avoid accidental perforation of fundus.
It comes with depth markers and measures written on uterine sound.
Special wide handle with serrations has been designed in Esa to give better grip for health providers.
Single Use device: Provider can break the uterine sound post use to avoid accidental mixups, cross contaminations.
Device is shaped to suit the uterine cavity.
Material used is soft, smooth and the product is free from parting lines.