Copper Y Cu 380 Mini

Copper Y Cu 380 Mini is a reliable, safe contraceptive device that assures peace of mind for couples looking for long term method of contraception. IUDs like Copper Y Cu 380 Mini are perfect for family planning.
Copper Y Cu 380 Mini comes with shorter size frame which is beneficial for women with smaller uterus and nulliparous women.
Copper Y Cu 380 Mini’s flexible arms offer a perfect fundal placement
It offers easy loading & insertion technique for the provider
Copper Y is gentle during insertion and removal
Copper Y offers a long term protection (5 years)
It requires 1/3rd dilation of cervix during insertion, in comparison to Copper T 380A making it more advantageous
Nylon Suture is softer and hence is more comfortable for the couple
Printed insertion tube adds accuracy and convenience for providers
Superior Film Film (transparent) pouch keeps the Copper parts bright and shiny
Copper Y Cu 380 Mini’s small size frame also provides more comfort for user