About Us - Hormonal Contraceptive & Intrauterine Device Manufacturers

Who We Are?

Pregna is a leading Contraceptive Solutions Organization and has been serving women since 1991. Pregna is spread across the globe in 140 countries partnering with social marketing organizations as well as private distributors in the area of Intra- uterine devices.

Pregna is the largest IUD manufacturer in the world and so far 100 million women have been served. Pregna is ISO 9001: 2008, CE, WHO GMP, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certified and has an in-house Research and Development Team which has contributed towards many breakthrough products including value add-on to existing models.

Pregna has been granted 2 patents and 3 patents are pending. Pregna is filing more patents every year.

How We Do?


Continuous Enhancement of economic well being of Stakeholders through businesses in Health Solutions, Medical Devices and Instruments.


• Listening- understanding the needs of all stakeholders, including end users and employees
• Caring- developing breakthrough quality solutions to cater to the needs of women
• Building Trust- providing quality products and services all the time
• Empowering- facilitating choice amongst women
• Sharing- making a social change in empowering girls and women


Customer is the number one stakeholder for Pregna. In 2011, Pregna was overwhelmed to receive 90% overall customer satisfaction through feedback and appreciation.

All staff members are exposed to “Value Inculcation” which essentially deals with reduction in the reactive Mind and enhances values of Love and Care.

Our Products

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Hormonal Contraceptives | LNG-IUS
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