Etherena – An Contraceptive Devices

Intra Uterine Enablers (IUE) is a new series of breakthrough products researched and developed by Pregna International, a world leader in Intra-Uterine Contraceptive domain. 

IUE series of products focuses on uncompromising Client (women) safety, quick and easy procedure & enhanced ergonomics. IUE products are designed to follow Aseptic procedures, and reduce the anxious waiting time of Clients with the aim of making the entire experience for the providers and end users a safe and delightful one.

[Etherena Patented]
  • State of art devices  enabled to provide extra safety to end Clients (Women):
  1. Offers perfect fundal placement thereby reducing bleeding, pain and possibility of explulsions
  2. Reduces chances of Uterine Perforation
  3. Works on the principle of withdrawal technique only
  4. Superior Aseptic No touch technique
  5. Shape designed to suit the uterine cavity ensuring minimum discomfort
  6. Use of soft Nylon suture
  • Intuitive Device requiring minimal training:
  1. Integrated system for Safe one Hand Operation:
  2. Simple 2 Step Operation (Push-Pull)
    1. Push to load the IUD and make is ready for insertion
    2. Pull to release the Copper-T 380A in the uterine cavity 
  3. Click Sound to adjust the device as per the depth of the uterus 
  • Greater Accuracy:
  1. Uterine Depth adjuster with precision upto 5mm
  2. Loading of T Frame is accurate and requires minimum effort
  3. Loading of both arms are uniform
  • Ergonomic Handling
  • Designed to make life of provider carefree :
    1. Operated by a single hand:
    Etherena is operated by a single hand. Thus the other hand of provider is free to either handle other instruments or feel the uterus from top. Thus the IUD can be inserted without any assistance.
    2. Ergonomically Designed:
    Etherena has been designed such that it is convenient to hold and operate. The device remains firm in hand without slipping. Service providers fingers remain agile and fatigue free
    3. Minimal Steps:
    The number of steps involved in loading and inserting Copper-T 380A are reduced significantly. Hence less to remember and lesser skills required
    4. Curvilinear Structure:
    Curvilinear structure of Etherena makes it easy to introduce
    5. Inbuilt Uterine Scale:
    Etherena has an inbuilt uterine scale on the device for easy operability, convenience and accuracy
    6. Time saved and comfortable for Provider and user:
    After preparation of user, the loading and insertion is done very quickly thus ensuring that the client is not waiting too long. Provider can see more clients
  • Quicker Insertion – More patients attended
Click sound to adjust the device as per the depth of the uterus
Device remains firm in hand without slipping