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19 Aug

Ultimate Guide for Long Term Protection from Pregnancy

There are several ways to stop pregnancy. There are also several contraceptive devices in India that you can select as a long term option to avoid pregnancy. Let us see what they are: Barrier Method This method physically blocks the movement of sperms. Thus, sperms don’t reach the egg. As a result, the barrier method

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29 Jun

10 Facts To Know About Copper IUD

Several contraceptives are available in the market today, which can easily prevent pregnancy. The most commonly used form of contraception is oral contraception. These come in the form of pills. They are easily available and are easy to ingest. However, studies have shown that prolonged use of contraceptive pills may result in severe long term

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11 Aug

5 Things You Must Know About Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception (EC) is a common method used for reducing the chances of pregnancy after performing unprotected intercourse. The major types of contraception are birth control pills and copper-T IUD (Intrauterine Device). Despite of their proven effectiveness, there are several questions that might be revolving in your mind, such as how do they exactly work,

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13 Jul

Know Few Important Things before You Choose to buy copper t 380a

If you are looking for the long term method of birth control which is not permanent, then copper IUD method in India might be the option that works for you. This method is also known as copper t 380a. It is an intrauterine method of contraception made of flexible plastic wrapped in copper that is shaped

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